"Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire" - John Lennon

The history of Stonehenge is riddled with rumour and innuendo, speculation and misinformation, much of which is complete b*ll*cks. The band's rise to fame in the early 1990s was marred only by a complete lack of elevation; nevertheless, with three years of recording, and five albums'-worth of songs to their name, Stonehenge never failed to impress their live audiences*.

Spanning the period from late 1988 to summer 1991, Stonehenge's back catalogue comprises the concept album Fish (1989), the seminal work Collections of Indigo Distasters (1990), the "Silly Album" Please Use The Loo (1990), You Don't Know Do You? (1991), and the double-album Approximate (1991). A later compilation boxed set of all the band's work (in recording date order), All Our Toes, was released on CD in the early 2000s.

The Band

The band's final line-up comprised Messrs Bibby (guitars), Brown (guitars, vocals) and Hodgson (keyboards), however earlier incarnations also featured Mr Dewhurst (bass) and a fleeting appearance from Ms Gilda (vocals).

Where are they now? Good question. Mr Bibby can sometimes be found here or here; Mr Hodgson hangs around here sometimes. As for the others, we just don't know!

The Songs

A brief selection of Stonehenge's more coherent moments can be perused above right. No guarantee of musical satisfaction is given with any of the tracks on offer...

* The author makes no inference as to the number of live shows the band performed.

Why Don't You Listen?
Words: Brown Music: Brown
The only Stonehenge song known to have been covered by someone else.

Get Away
Words: Brown Music: Bibby/Brown/Hodgson
Trying to capture that Manchester sound.

All My Toes
Words: Brown Music: Brown
A lesson in breaking one's tambourine.

It Burns
Words: Hodgson Music: Hodgson
No keyboards or guitars.

I'm Calling Out
Words: Brown Music: Bibby/Hodgson
A trademark Stonehenge build up track.

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